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About Us.

Who we are

Amaza Entertainment is an East London-based Production company founded in 2019. Our activities span from Photography and Production of Motion Pictures. We believe that art is a very powerful tool which can be used to create or inspire change by putting out inspirational content.

Our Mission

The Company aims to inspire change on a global scale using Art as its vehicle, so that positivity is what dominates the world. 

Our Values

At our core is – Honesty, Transparency, Inspiration & Innovation.

Steering The Ship

Mthunzi Ngceke

Mthunzi is the founder of Amaza Entertainment and plays the role of Writer and Director. He holds a Wits LLB, and is originally from the Eastern Cape.

Previously, Mthunzi worked with Tswe Media as a Legal Advisor, Strategist and amongst other things, a writer. He has been writing for roughly 10 years and diversified into screenplay writing in 2018.

Mthunzi has produced ‘ Making Moves’, a career guidance show and ‘HER’, a short documentary.

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